Photography by Dahlia Katz
Produced by The Company Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, 2017

Set Design

“McLellan and Beatty both deserve to be considered at award time for their performances – and Yu is a real discovery who will hopefully become a mainstay in Toronto theatre. (Expect a Dora Award nod, too, for designer Shannon Lea Doyle – who has a done a jaw-dropping job of assembling what looks like a million miniatures.)”
– J.Kelly Nestruck, The Globe and Mail, Feb 01 2017

“It’s hard to separate this production – and its themes – from the design. Shannon Lea Doyle’s intentionally cluttered set and Kevin Lamotte’s lighting appear alternately benign and sinister, while Michael Laird’s sound design makes you feel like you’re in an actual inn, eavesdropping on people arguing on another floor.”
– Glenn Sumi, NOW Toronto, Feb 07 2017



Sketch by Shannon Lea Doyle


Preliminary Sketch by Shannon Lea Doyle


Preliminary Sketch by Shannon Lea Doyle


Preliminary Sketch by Shannon Lea Doyle

Costume Design

Set and Costume by Shannon Lea Doyle

Director Jonathan Goad
Lighting Design Kevin Lamotte
Sound Design Michael Laird
Stage Manager Michael Sinclair
Production Manager / Technical Director Laura Warren

Nancy Beatty
Nora McLellan
Philip Riccio
Loretta Yu