Getting Married

(left to right) Claire Jullien, Graeme Somerville, Katherine Gauthier, Chick Reid, Marla McLean, Monice Peter.
(left to right) Monice Peter, Martin Happer, Chick Reid, Graeme Somerville.
Monice Peter, Ben Sanders, Steven Sutcliffe, Graeme Somerville, Martin Happer, Cameron Grant, Claire Jullien.

Martin Happer, Marla McLeanClaire Jullien, Ben Sanders, Graeme Somerville, Steven Sutcliffe, Damien AtkinsKatherine Gauthier, Cameron GrantAndrew LawrieMonice Peter, Chick Reid.

1/2″ scale model built by Shannon Lea Doyle

Getting Married By Bernard Shaw
Shaw Festval 2019

Directed by Tanja Jacobs
Set and Costume Design by Shannon Lea Doyle
Sound Design and Composition by James Bunton
Lighting Design by André du Toit

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